Friday, March 8, 2013

Update - me and my new Overlock

So, just a quick update on how me and my new Overlock are getting along. Apparently my whole house shakes when I use it! It is on a table over a floating floor. If we redo out sub-basement and I move there it will be over concrete and not a problem. I don;t notice anything, so I don;t mind. Just to prove how powerful it.
I have cut the threads and threaded it several times, no problems. My husband showed me how to thread it, no issues. I am happy with it. The only trouble I had was threading the needle.

I made Butterick 5753, but the small was too small around the waist. Medium was too big, small is too small. I may add a triangle on the sides to make it fit, as I love the fit everywhere else. Serging together seams was easy. I even practiced on curves. I kept true to my seam guidance. I even did the edge of the arms, which was a small narrow area. The fabric I used rolls a lot at the end. To do a hem is a nightmare on this material. I overlocked the edges and it not lays flat. I think I want to use bias tape to finish it off, so the overlocked edges will fit nicely with that.

So far it has been easy to use. I finished my son's shirt that I made him, the one that was too small at the head opening. He loved it! The only way I could tell was that said he wanted to wear it now. He was into his game with Papa when I asked him to try it on, so what do I expect? Jumping up and down? Well, yes, sorta..... :)

I am so proud of myself for being able to thread the Serger with no issues, especially after hearing nighmares on the subject. This one opens right up so easily that it is kinda hard not to thread it properly. It is so well indicated and laid out. I was thinking why anyone would pay so much on an upgrade for a self threading machine? Ridiculous! It has me wanting to upgrade my sewing machine, though. I did the buttonhole on my black Cynthia Rowley pants. Again, it ate my material. **&^%! I practice, practice, practice. It ate my material. The Singer esteem is not so good with buttons, worthless, actually. I am not happy with the thread tension either. And it is not as powerful as I need it to be. Anyways, in 6 months maybe I can upgrade my sewing machine to a Husqvarna!

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