Monday, March 11, 2013

Jeans Kwik sew 3504 Completed - but too big

 So I have (almost) completed Simon's Kwik sew 3504 jeans. I have the buttonhole to do and hem them. Seeing as my Singer is the pitts, I will wait for my sewing class to do the buttonhole. I will use my teacher's machine.

 If you want to know how good your machine is, just make a pair of jeans. Putting to layers of denim together is nothing. Try sewing the 2 layers plus the pockets. Or try the 2 layers and 1 loop carrier that is folder 3 times and then folded again at the end. When I sewed the carriers I practically had to crank the wheel by hand. Yes, I need an upgrade (SIGH)

 I am rather proud of the work I did. I really hope that they fit Simon. If not, he needs to eat a lot more, lol!
 Don't look too closely at the fly topstitching. The next pair will be perfect. This is my first attempt at it and I am 90% happy with my results.
Now, for the fly. It is so simple, so easy, so perfect that it confused me. The instructions that I am used to are confusing and the illustrations not so layed out. Kwik Sew makes it so easy that if you are used to it, you are reading it, reading it again, and re-reading it to see what you are missing. Just read the instructions and follow them, you will get there.
It took me my whole 3 hour sewing class to do the fly and zipper. I printed off
Peter Lappin's blog post and read through it. He had done a Jeans sew-along in May 2011. He used Kwik Sew's 3504 as well. He did a great job of posting the fly portion with pictures and further instructions to complement Kwik Sew's. I read through a few times (my norm when I approach a new technique). The only problem was that I forgot it at home!!!! I was stuck on one step and I could not figure it out. The picture did not show you if you sewed to the left or to the right of the zipper. Eeks. It took me 3 hours, but I followed the instructions one step at a time. I think I did a good job. It all fits together and in the proper place! Thanks Peter for the help. It gave me the confidence to plunge forward! Really, check out his blog. Really great help. He also had a men's short sew a long. Seeing as I will be making Simon's shirt really soon, I will check it out.
Tonight I will have Simon model them and I will post pictures for you! I hope he enjoys the jeans!


There will be no pictures. The pants are WAY too big. i should have listened to my instincts and made him a size small. They are ridiculously too big. I guess his coworker will get a new pair of pants.All that time wasted.

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  1. Not wasted time! Think of all the skills you have learned and practiced. These pants look fantastic and you should feel good about a job well done!