Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Look Workroom 6120 Misses' Dress

When I saw this pattern I had to have it! I love the simplicity of the dress and the neckline. She looks fierce, and I could picture me in this. I have had this in my stash for a while along with the material, but it isn't really a dress one can wear in the winter. Not with the silky material I have.

Simon and I cut out the perfect material for this pattern! The pink will be for the sash. I hope that we chose to place the pattern in the most flattering placement of the fabric.

I thought this dress would be lickity-split easy. I am tired (teething toddler in the house), and there are a few steps they do not write down. They show it in their illustrations, but they don't tell you to do it. Thank goodness I knew better, otherwise I would have been lost.

I tried sewing the bias tape on the neck by machine and it turned out horribly! My sewing teacher helped me take it off. Seeing as we had only 30 minutes left to our class and the whole class I basically spent doing this, she took pity on me and pinned it back for me. She showed me how to sew a neck binding on by hand. MUCH BETTER! But it does take much more time. That is ok, I want to learn the finishing touches, and they take time.

I took a whole 3 hour sewing class to get to the pockets. Working with silky material is difficult. You can't be in a rush. I finished the top part, surged and all! The hem is so much easier to do when you serge the edges first. I rolled it up the first time, pinned it and did not like what I saw. I unpinned it and took my time. I have learned to S-L-O-W down. I have way too many sewing projects on my list. The object now is not to plow through them all to learn, but rather to learn attention to details. Hopefully I will get this done for my last sewing class next week!

Finally finished! 

I finally finished this dress! I took my sweet time with this project. The silky material is hard to work woth if you are not used to it. I pinned everything, then basted it before sewing. That way my material did not shift. I used a walking foot, which is a must.

What I really like about this pattern is the belt, which surprises me. I am not a belt person, but the shape of it and the wrap around is nice and feels comfortable.

Due to the nature of the material one must wear a slip or else run the risk of static cling! The skirt did not hang properly, but put a slip and that is corrected.


  1. A very pretty dress and it looks lovely on you.

  2. The dress looks great! I like your fabric selection!