Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jalie 2908 Stretch Jeans Finally finished

 So I finally finished my Jalie Jeans, thank God! I had an issue with the fly last May, got discouraged and decided to put this aside. My old sewing teacher gave me BAD advice, like the type of zipper to use, not to use a double needle when topstitching, etc.... She did nto even know how to do the fly construction! What's up with that??? The more I take real professional sewing classes, the madder I get at Fabricville for wasting my money with Pauline and her ineptness.

Anyways, here are the jeans. I am happy that I am done, but they are not perfect.

For one, they are a bit high-waisted. The jeans are comfortable, but I am short. I would like to do the rise about 1 inch lower next time.

I would like to reduce the flare on the jeans a bit. As I said, I am short and I  feel the flare is a bit wide for my leg.

but the pocket placement is awesome and it makes my derriere look awesome! 

The pockets in the front bulge a bit and the zipper is a bit too large and pokes out of the fly flap. Next time I will not listen to Pauline's advise. If I wear this Jalie 2566 with it, you can't see the awkwardness of my work.

I ripped out my stitches on the fly at least 4 times. My topstitching gave me grief, and as usual when we tried to do the buttonhole, it did not work very well. Topstitching and buttonholes can kiss my...................

 All in all, I am proud that I got these jeans completed. I could have turned a blind eye and started another project, but I vowed to finish all unfinished projects before starting a new one. Next I will finish the Jalie Yoga pants and then the bathing suit from my sewing class last spring!


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