Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jalie 2108: 2nd sewing class done!

Simon and I made a mistake by waiting until Friday night to start our homework this week. By skipping Thursday our timeline was off. But I fell asleep on the couch putting the kids to bed and we were too tired. Remember what happens when you sew when you are tired? I did not want that to happen again, especially with the price of this material!

I was hesitant putting together the pieces, I am not sure why. But we trudged forward, putting together Simon's jacket first. But it was simple and straightforward. After sewing the pieces together, Simon chose a fun design for the topstitching. He chose a simple black for the contrast.

The next step he chose a contrast red to sew his name. We have the machine that can do this, so why not? We tested the fonts, the fabric and the thread, and away he went! He really likes putting little details like this in his projects. He has an eye for the finishing touches, in sewing and in his construction job. The two are really similar. So, in case he forgets his name....

 Now, check out his work, I am really proud! 

What is left is to sew the liners together. Then we have to do mine, and then the pockets in 6 steps portion of our homework. But I have to finish my bathing suit, as I have to go swimming this Thursday with Scouts. I am a Leader, so it would look poorly if I did not go, I would not want people to think I have a complex about going swimming, but I don't have a bathing suit that fits! So I HAVE to get my coat finished today, as on MOnday I can dot he elastics at home or take a Monday night class to help me finish up my projects.

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