Monday, November 11, 2013

Bathing Suit: Finally finished

This week I have to go swimming with my Scouts group. I don't have a bathing suit that fits me, or one that is in good condition. The bathing suits I have I would not want to be seen wearing in public, especially not jumping in and out of a pool with kids. That pushed Simon and I to FINALLY finish the bathing suit. It has been sitting in my "to complete" bin since this spring. I had that one last class, then I forgot (not really...) all about it. I was TERRIFIED of sewing on the elastics. I am not sure why, but it was stressing me out. When in fact the elastic part is quite simple.

The hard part was the gather on the front middle. You will notice I don't have one. We tried sewing one on, but I kept putting it crocked, and my boobs looked lopsided. So I omitted it this time. The next time I make it I will give more room for my butt, a higher curve on the hips and lower in the front. This suit is meant to stay on and not move. I want this suit to be able to jump in and out, dive, and hold a VERY active 2 year old in my arms, one who likes to pull on things, hence the high neckline.

I would love to create another suit, and I am no longer afraid of elastics. Let me wear this in the pool and get back to you on that one! All in all I am really proud that I got this suit completed. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Especially with all the sewing we got done on Sunday for our jackets!

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