Monday, November 4, 2013

Jalie Yoga Pants 3022

The last item Simon and I made during our sewing class was Jalie's 3022 Yoga pants. We bought some black Suplex at Stretch Text. One side is super glossy and the other is nice and soft. If your hands are rough it is a pain, as the material sticks to you! And trying to line up the fabric wring side to wring side is a PAIN! But I digress....

We did not adjust anything on the pattern, we cut out according to my hip measurements. And we did not use the pattern for the waistband. I measured where the pants arrived, where I wanted them to go, and that would be the basis.

Once the pants were sewed up, I measured the waist opening, seams to seams, times 2, took 7/8 (more like 3.4 after adjustments) and added 1 cm for seam allowances. 

The result is a comfortable pair of pants. At first try (minus the waistband) I thought they would be too tight, but they are good and comfortable.

 We made a notch in the back of the band, as pants always seem to be too large in the waistband for me

We used a fun topstitch pattern in red for the back 2 seams. The back legs are 2 pieces and this is a nice detail. 

Here you can see the notch better, don't worry, I won't leave the house like this!

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  1. Really like the fun red topstiching detail. Brilliant!