Saturday, February 2, 2013

Simplicity 4760

Simplicity 4760 - A PAIN BUT FINALLY DONE!

So I am going to try my hand again at pants. This time it will be pants for Simon, not me, so it should work out better. I chose Simplicity 4760. I am going to use size small and not medium. Simon's hips are a small, but his waist shows medium. We are not the biggest people and are short compare to the average. All the pants I make are H-U-G-E on us, so a small it is. I hope it works out.
We chose a nice olive green corduroy. I preshrunk the material, traced my pattern and cut out the fabric. I read over the instructions and they look straightforward. Wish me luck!

Pattern on material before I cut it out

Attaching the zipper to the fly:

I decided to take pictures of this because I just know that the next time I go to make these pants I will forget what my sewing instructor told me to do!
Line up the zipper right on the seam of the fly and sew using the zipper foot attachment.

 Fold the sewed side.
Take the other side of the front pants and fold over seam and attach to the zipper, pinning in place. If you prefer baste in place in a contrasting color and remove thread once sewed in place.
Voila! Zipper is now sewed in place.

 The cargo pockets were very easy to make. I chose to install the pockets on the side. They have a nice pleat in the middle and it is easily constructed

The corners were simple to fold and sew. I am not advanced enough to not baste. Pin Pin Pin, Baste, Baste, Baste.
If I want good results, I have to take the extra time.
 The directions are very straightforward for the pocket installation. I did an excellent job installing the pockets.

Now, for the parts I had trouble with. The carriers for the belt loop were too slim for my husband's belt. I had to take it apart and make them wider.

He felt that the pants were a tad bit too high waisted. We could remove 3/4 - 1 inch.

The waistband is basically facing. My instructor and I could not properly understand the waistband installation and I goofed it a tad. I told my husband, I don't care, I don't want to hear it, wear them and don't tell me, I know!

I would make these again, but modify the waistband and the fly.

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