Sunday, February 3, 2013

Simplicity's 1783 pants from the Cynthia Rowley Collection

Simplicity's 1783 pants from the Cynthia Rowley Collection

I have started my pants, this time using size 10. They better fit, or else I am going to be REALLY discouraged! I chose Simplicity 1783 from the Cynthia Rowley collection. A girl in my sewing class is doing the same pattern and she has not had any issues with it so far. She has not run into any roadblocks or problems with the pattern.

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I chose a nice light corduroy fabric in a chocolate brown. I like the look of the pattern cover, but I will make the pants go down to normal length.

  I also bought a nice thick Satin brown material to make the shirt. I will make the shirt in view A.But as we approach Spring, I may want short sleeves, so I am still open to this. I have to make the pants first and then the shirt, so there is still time to decide!

I will post as I go along. I do not have a lot of time lately. I have to grab the time when I am not tired or stressed, which is not often. I did get to trace the pattern, cut it out and cut out the material. I also did the stay stitching and baste the fly area. Later, I will do the pockets.

  The first few steps are easy. Stay stitch front and baste the fly area. Next comes the pockets. During my first sewing class I dreaded pockets. The corners were tricky for a newbie. Now I can master them all on my own.

 I am a perfectionist so I used my seam gauge to make sure I did a fine even job. I used my new Iron and pressed the seams. Now I am still new and need to baste before sewing. If not it does not turn out as nice. It takes a little longer, but the results are worth it.

Once I was satisfied I sewed them, then took out the basting stitches.

Next step pin them to the pants and sew the on!

Easy as 1-2-3!

TUESDAY: INSTALLING THE ZIPPER  Please see my post on installing the zipper.

WEDNESDAY: THE WAISTBAND AND FINISHING: Please see my post on the waistband and the finished product

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