Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simplicity 1783 Cynthia Rowley Blouse

I have started Simplicity's 1783 from Cynthia Rowley. I am doing the blouse, view A in a size 10. I purchased a nice deep brown satin fabric with an off white bias trim. It has pleats and raglan sleeves.

I started this blouse during Friday's class and continued it during Sunday's class. I am surprised at how simple the pattern is. This was my first time working with pleats and I must say that I am impressed with my results. After 2 classes all I have left is to complete the bias trim, attach the sleeves and sew the one remaining side.

I have attempted bias tape a few times previously and I am impressed with my work. Practicing bias tape on those baby bibs I made really helped me understand how to work with bias tape!

We used the serger to finish all of the seams on this shirt as the satin frays something AWFUL! Another reason to buy my serger, hint hint!

It is done, I just have to install the button!

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