Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simplicity 8307, One small problem....

 My sewing instructor gave me some free patterns from the 90's. I chose to make the shirt without the collar from Simplicity's 8307 circa 1998. I won't put in the zipper at the back, as this is made as a t-shirt, nothing fancy.

I measured out Tyler and he is a size 4. This pattern goes up to size 6, so I will keep it for a while. I decided to trace my pattern. 3 pieces, easy peazy.

I have some left over material, and kid's clothes goes a long way!

I recently discovered that if you pull out the tray life is a lot easier when trying to sew small areas!

Yeah, I know, I know... DUH! But it was an AH-HA moment, then quickly followed but DOAH!

Here is the shirt completed. I got it done in the time the boys watched (And fell asleep on) a movie.

 Now, the one small problem. In my genius I omitted the zipper. One SMALL problem....It does not fit over his head. I don't want to waste a zipper on this shirt, so the plan is I will open it up and put Velcro to keep it shut. My son will not be able to dress himself with a zipper at the base of his neck, but Velcro works just fine. 

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