Thursday, February 28, 2013

Husqvarna Overlock HClass 200S

I had my husband call Excelle Machine a Coudre yesterday to see when their sale on Husqvarna Overlocks will finish. Good thing as it is TODAY their last day. Over $200 rebate! That is no chump change! I have researched and researched it, and this is the baby I want for my 40th birthday. I saved up all my gifts since last year. No Christmas gifts, no Mother's day gift, no Anniversary gifts. Just bank it for this year's 40th gift!
Voila! Here is the gift I REALLY wanted.
The problem is that they sold so many that there is none in stock. We put a deposit down, at the reserved price and once it arrives, it is all mine!
Oh, the projects I can get done with this machine.
We have 1 year guarentee , 2 years on the electronic, and 15 years on the fabrication. And we get free unlimied courses when I buy a machine from them.

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