Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simplicity 1783 pants: The waistband

So this pattern is so easy, even I can follow along!

Along I went, step by step, dreading the moment I get stuck and can't figure out the pattern and what my next step should be.

The basted the underlap

Everything lined up very well.

I sewed it on using my zipper foot. I was so afraid of the zipper foot, and I don't know why. It is so easy to use.

 Pin the pieces together, sew it up, easy as pie.

 The waistband and interfacing are straightforward

 I am not happy that I did not lap the front zipper enough. I do not know why I omitted this, but now I know why it is in the directions.
I want to make these again, in a heavier black fabric. I will lap the zipper perfectly the next time. But over all I am happy. 

I did a pair of pants all by myself, no help whatsoever! And they fit, and I can wear them, and I will look good in them. Not like I am playing dress up!
Ok, so I can not hem my own pants. I don't bend that way! When Hubby gets home I will get him to mark my hem for me. 

Super comfortable pants, great fit, nice design, easy and comfortable waistband.



    I am slowly working through a muslin of Simplicity 2700. I will not be intimidated!

  2. These pants really are well done, and the instructions clear. A girl in my class also did these pants and she had great success. She then did the skirt as well