Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simplicity 1783 pants : Zipper installation


 For piece 9 you only need to cut one. So I cut one. The pattern did not show it reversed and I placed it on the fabric and cut. Thinking I had done it correctly, I could not understand why my pattern pieces were not looking like the diagram. I put the pieces up to my waist, Right, Right. Left, Left. The piece was reversed. Perhaps the pattern was correct and I was wrong, or they were wrong and I was right! At least I figured out my mistake in rapid time and knew what to do to correct it. Pat my back!

It is maybe a good thing that I had to cut a second piece. The first piece I folded over the edge, pressed it and sewed it. I tried a zigzag stitch and my machine did not like this and ate the fly. So redoing it a second time I used a straight stitch and the machine did not eat the material.

This is what it should look like. Right sides together, on the proper side, I am impressed that I fixed it. 

Stitch and trim. Voila, easy as pie!

Now my zipper is quite long. I had a zipper from a pair of dress pants that no longer fit that would be the perfect length, but the zipper head came off and I do not have the patience to fix it at this time. So the long one it is. 


Baste and stitch in place. Instructions are easy and clear, I am following along nicely.

The overlap is easy. Sew wrong sides together, clip and trim, flip right side out and press. Zig zag raw edges, this time it went well and my machine did not eat the material.

All in all, I am very proud of mayself for making it this far with no help from my sewing class. I guess after a few pairs of pants you retain the information and am able to follow the instructions. The first 2 pairs of pants that I made in my class had unusual fly installations and their instructions left something to be desired. These instructions are clear, simple to follow and complete. 

Next I will attempt the underlap. 

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