Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Patterns, OH MY!

My sewing teacher brought in a bag full of patterns that was given to her. We could pick what we would use. I chose 4 patterns for children and one for a nice dress for me.

I have so many projects on my list, here are 5 more to add to the list! They are simple and can be done on a Saturday. 

The patterns are from the '90s and I think only one has been cut. One notices right away the difference in the quality of paper. They are in perfect condition. There is one from Singer Couture, the middle bigger one. This one has the directions only in French, so I may have to look up a few terminologies in my French sewing book.

Today I plan on using Simplicity 8307. This pattern dates back to 1998. Of course I will not make a shirt in Pink, but I can make it in the nice blue material I have left over from last week. I like the shirt without the collar. I am hoping winter is coming to an end and we won't have a big need for turtlenecks!

I sized out Tyler and he is a size 4. This pattern is from size 3 to 6. I will trace the pattern as it will last for a long time.

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