Saturday, October 3, 2015

Children's belt

When our first was born almost 8 years ago we discovered that kids clothes do not fit everyone. We are, let us say, short people. We are tiny, small people who do not fit in regular clothes. We have passed this down to our children. I was tired of seeing diapers, pants sagging down.

By having the belt in the back only it makes it easier for the kids to take on and off their pants. This is especially important during the potty training days!

That is when Simon made us this cool belt that attaches to the back of the pants through the belt loops.

Our good friends have just the opposite problem, they are super tall and slender. I have been meaning to give them belts like this for the past few years. We are meeting them today so Friday night was the last night we had to do it.

 On my lunch hour I got the supplies

We had the snap tools

Simon cut the belt to the desired length and sealed the ends (he used a lighter to burn the ends)

He folded over the ends and sewed. He did not need to do this step if you don't want to sew, he just likes extra details. 

Now we don't know what size size she needs, so we made snaps every 1 1/2 inches apart. This way no matter what pants she wears the belt will work.

You can do it whatever distance you need

Now there is something we did not know about the snap tools. The tool brand you buy will only work wit their brand of snaps. We broke our tools, and ended up going to Club Tissus Friday night after Scouts. They have the machines to use for free if you are a member.

While there I ended up buying a new pattern Jalie 3138 to make the biketard for hot yoga. Ooops.

So here is the finished product, We made 3 of them

Hopefully it is long enough for her. I don't even know what size she wears, but I am sure if it is not big enough we will find a way to make another one :)

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