Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kwik Sew 2017 Sweatshirt

I wanted a nice comfy sweatshirt for kicking around the house. I saw Jalie’s pattern 3355
Jalie 3355
and thought that would be a perfect choice. However, did I really want to buy yet another pattern? Not really. And I wanted to get rid of the things in my stash.

I was given a bunch of old patterns from my fellow Beaver Leader’s wife. In that stash there was an old Kwik Sew pattern, 2017.
This would work. I chose style A, hoping it would not be too large.

I had this soft comfy pink material that would be perfect for a sweatshirt. I had bought it about 3 years ago at Fabricville for dirt cheap. This purchase was intended for a quick easy project to help build my skills. It was not for anything monumental, as it is not the best quality.

I cut out a small as my measurements lay right at the end of the small. I find that this pattern runs large, and I will try an X-Small next time. The pattern was uncut so it will be a quick job retracing the pattern.

It is a quick and simple process to put together. Carefully mark the front and back as it can be confusing which pieces are which. Even the arms are wide and you can get them confused with the front piece.

I added an extra step of topstitching my cuffs/bands. I like the finished look of it.
I was super tired and I wanted to get this finished for my trip the next day to Ottawa. I attached one cuff band incorrectly. I picked out my stitches and I reattached it. The second time I still managed to attach it incorrectly. This weekend I will shorten the arms and reattach the cuffs properly. I find the arms a tad too long anyways.

All in all this is a perfect pattern. Simple, comfy and it has the option of a hood and a kangaroo pouch. The pattern even has sweatpants! The pattern runs large. I should have measured my favorite sweatshirt to see how it measured up to the pattern pieces for small, but whatever! I will just have to make another one!

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