Friday, October 23, 2015

Kwik Sew 2017 - part 2

I found the Small to be very large and I wanted to make another one but in X-Small instead. I also took the shorter waist line. I had an brown version of the pink material leftover in my stash from the same Fabricville buy.
I traced the pattern, cut out the material and sewed it up in about 2 hours. i was going slow, picking up kids from school, etc.

I am much happier with the fit of the X-Small. I am proud of my topstitching and cuff/band insertion as well. Practice makes perfect. I wore this one to work today!

If you take your time the insertion of cuffs and bands is a simple process. I used color coded pins for the cuff and the shirt so that I would not get mixed up. I divided the cuff into 4, using green pins. I divided the shirt into 4 using red pins. I pinned the cuff to the shirt using a White larger pin. This way I could visually ensure I was pinning properly. I am a visual person and I found this reduced confusion while sewing. 
If you lay the shirt flat and pull the rib to meet the 1/4 pins you will have proper tension throughout. The shirt has the least amount of stretch and the rib is stretchy. So you want the rib to match up to the shirt. 

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